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Different Kinds Of Flexible Work Schedules

Flexible work and timings have been in vogue for some time and today most companies offer flexi working hours and policies that allow different individuals to work who might have other commitments that prevent them from working full time at an office premise. These arrangements are encouraged these days to help reduce costs for a business operation as well. It also allows a company to hold onto a talent pool that might be lost if flexible working hours and arrangements were not provided.

Flexi time

The oldest form of flexible work conditions is the concept of flexi time. This refers to flexible working hours where work is scheduled as per the circumstances and the need and not confined to standard working hours. Many call centers have employees who work in shifts, either in the day time or in the night time and they alternate as per the requirements of their projects and assignments. With the concept of virtual office it is even possible to log in from remote locations through a computer network at scheduled times instead of having to be present physically in a place of work.

Job sharing

The other concept in flexible working arrangements is that of job sharing. In this kind of arrangement, employees share the same job or position. They need to coordinate efforts in order to complete a certain task. In some cases, like in janitorial position, people are sent in different shifts to work the same job. In these cases virtual office arrangements usually do not work.

Compressed work weeks

This is another form of work arrangement that is flexible. It is prevalent in many healthcare sectors. Here one might work more hours each day and take off for more than two days. Many nursing jobs offer this kind of work format. It allows the individuals to take more days off during a week. These arrangements are more for those who need to be present at their workplace and cannot be applicable for jobs that can be done virtually. Virtual jobs are more assignment based and might overlook the number of hours logged in. However, hour tracking through software for telecommuting is also possible these days.

The benefits reaped

The flexible work policies that are offered by modern organizations offer several benefits with serviced offices Brisbane CBD to different employees. Those who are pregnant and cannot attend the office for full working hours can opt for flexi time or compressed week policies. In other cases one might attend the office for lesser hours and for lesser pay but remain in employment. That allows individuals to stay employed even if they are unable to be in office and work the mandatory hours. Offices are able to retain experienced work force through such policies.