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How To Become Everyone’s Favourite Party Crasher

Ooh! I love parties. My mother used to fret saying that the sole purpose of my existence was to party. The food, drinks, loud music and dancing was always my thing. Even before I could walk, I could dance.

No matter how many friends you have, there may not be as many parties as you may like if you are a party animal like me.

So how do we fix this small issue? We crash parties!!!

For those who are new to the concept, this means we attend parties for which we have not been formally invited and blend in better than the invitees.

Okay, so this is not the noblest hobby and may not even be considered to be morally right but if we take care not to cause trouble one or two additional (uninvited) guests may not be as bad as some people think.

The celebration may be a birthday party, a graduation party or even events like beer events in Hong Kong.

Be informed

The key to your success is research. Find out as much information as you can about the event including the nature of the event, the culture and social status of the attendees. You have to fit in and enjoy right?

Get dressed

Always wear proper clothing. Of course, we do not normally crash boring events such as weddings so the attire will generally be something cool and funky.

Do not forget the gift

Even though we are trying to have fun at someone else’s expense, it is not nice to do so without giving them something in return. Essentially, taking a present will reduce your chances of being shunned as a crasher. So pick a gift which may be cheap like an ornament or something a bit expensive like perfect taste hand crafted beer if you are feeling guilty about crashing notwithstanding the urge to enjoy.

Mode of travel

Just like Cinderella, you cannot go to a ball without a carriage. Oh well, I mean a taxi, if the event is not in the walking distance.

Dramatic entrance

No, you do not want a dramatic entrance. We are trying to blend in, remember? The best method will be to appear normal without attracting too much attention which may lead to ending your career as a party crasher even before it started.

Blend in and enjoy

I know, I know, you do not need me to tell you that but thought of adding it as the final advice in case you forgot why you crashed the party in the first place once you get too overwhelmed by the thrill of obtaining means of being able to party all eternity.