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How To Choose A Secure Password

Regardless of the advice that they receive, some people do use 1234 as a password. Yes, it is easy to remember and use. However, it is not so safe. These are supposed to secure your private information. Using unsecure ones can increase the risk of hacking and cybercrimes. Unless you want it to become a liability, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

The basics
When you are picking a word, the site or application might ask you use eight characters. It is wise to abide this request since picking a word that has more than 15 characters is hard to remember. Do not stick to a word that makes sense. Instead, use a mixture of characters. This can include capital letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation. Do not use a proper word – that is, a word that has meaning in the dictionary. Moreover, you must not use the same password twice either.
Things to avoid
If the password you choose is unsafe, the site might ask you to include a number. This does not mean that you should include a single digit at the end. For instance, if the word is ‘cookie’, do not opt for ‘cookie1’. In the same way, you must not reverse or double the word. Removing the vowels is not a smart idea either. If you have too many to remember, do not use the same word or add a different number to each site. Instead, make use of modern software such as a server password manager.
Things to do
If you cannot afford a server password manager, do not write it down. If you lose this piece of paper, it can result in disastrous consequences. Whoever picks it up will get access to personal and private information. Therefore, it is important for you to secure them on a protected digital device or software. Make sure to use a word that you will remember. Even though it must be secure, that does not mean that you should unnecessarily complicate it. Therefore, it is best to stick to something you know.
Bad examples
Never base the word on personal information. For instance, choosing your pet name or your grandmother’s maiden name is not a good idea. Anyone can get access to this information so it cannot be considered as secure. Moreover, do not use common words that you see on the internet. These can be used by a lot of people. So, opt for something unique and original.
Do not underestimate the importance of choosing a secure password. In the wrong hands, even the tiniest piece of personal information can damage your life.