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Make Someone Feel Special

It is important that we make people around us feel special. We all have people that we love and care about and we should make an extra effort to make these people feel special every day. This is because we obviously care about them because they impact our lives positively so we should also return the favor and impact their lives positively. 

Random acts of kindness

When you care about somebody you should always try and do random acts of kindness towards them. This will catch them off guard and it will make it a surprise, there reaction to the surprise is something that will make you happy. You can buy effective total gift solutions for them. This will catch them off guard; you should get something that you know they will never get for themselves.

You will want to make it really personal so you can buy coffee mug gifts and you can print words on it saying how much the person means to you and how thankful you are that they are in your life.

You can also always check up on them randomly and make sure that everything is alright in their lives and see if they need any help with any problems they may be having

Do something you normally wouldn’t do.

You should do something that you normally never do; this will make the person you care about feel really happy. You can cook for them, take them to a movie that they like but you don’t and you can just do whatever they want to do. When you go out of your way and out of your comfort zone just to make someone else feel happy that person will be happy that you are in their lives. 

Give them random compliments

Everyone likes the feeling of being complimented about something. You can just give a person a compliment about their hair, clothes, their nails etc. You should complement someone you care about on something that you know they will like to be complimented on. You should not give a compliment that you do not mean because it won’t truly come from the heart so the person you compliment might see through it. 

Tell them how you feel about them

To make someone feel special you should just tell them flat out how you truly feel about them. Tell them the reasons why you are grateful for them and let them know about all their great qualities. If you want to put a smile on a person’s face just let them know why they put a smile on your face.