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Reaching Across The Miles Spreading Wings

During the early stages of commerce, there used to be only a few distinct departments, you had the accounts, sales, production, and administration departments. Now thanks to the availability of amazing technology, another new department has been added to the list, the IT department.

This department could be the key difference in taking over your competitors, for instance if you consider a bank which has digitized all its records and increased its efficiency versus a bank which is still paper based, customers would most definitely make the transition in to the digitized world because nowadays almost everything depends on speed and efficiency. Other advantages of having a well oiled IT department could be that customers can make purchases and orders online through the company website and can even communicate directly with customer service representatives incase their product malfunctions. Within the business they help in maintenance of hardware, setting up networks and backing up data. This department is also the key in making sure that critical information is not leaked out or hacked into in any attempt of corporate espionage, as they safeguard everything through firewalls, encryption and so on.

The next important questions is ‘how do I improve my existing IT department? ‘. Well, regular training sessions with an IT Business coach can help the department run more efficiently by learning new skills and gain an expert opinion on already established IT solution in a company. Employee’s could be sent to international business summit’s where they can interact with others in the same profession and exchange ideas and information as well as make some contacts that they could use in future projects if they ever need to.

Further training can be done at the workplace itself, by the senior most managers and employees working in the IT department which is the most cost efficient training option available.

In almost all companies present now, The IT department acts as a supporting arm. The accounts department requires their assistance when gathering past data from databases to produce forms and reports, marketing requires their assistance to design posters and other advertisements as well as monitor the company’s social media accounts which is a crucial point of advertising and publicity. In the production department, they help in creating digital prototypes and automating the production process.

The significance of having a great IT department is unquestionable, the benefits that a company can reap by the simple act of getting a IT Business coach to train the staff can carry their company miles across the finish line while their competitors try to keep up.