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Tips For Designing A Training Program

According to many human resource and skills building professionals and directors of large scale companies, team building and capacity building training programs are of a necessity for the growth of the company. It allows the company management to understand the skills levels of their subordinates, figure out whether the posts are allocated to correctly skilled people, and where they can train their employees to increase the efficacy of the work. On the other hand, it also gives a chance for the employees to understand their level of skills in comparison to the market standard for their position as well, which will increase motivate them to improve themselves more.
Understand who the trainees are
Like any other work, you need to understand who to cater your program to. So you will need to understand who to focus the program on. If you plan on giving it to different divisions or units in your company then you need to figure out different sets of program to identify specifically what you need to train them on; If you want to teach them a software or some new method for implementing their existing activities and etcetera. There are different methods used for physical, emotional, social and mental learning so you need to know what your trainee groups consist of. See this page for further information regarding serviced office.
Training needs assessment
It will be a good idea to get an external consultant or group to carry out a training needs assessment so you can figure out the exact areas where training and capacity building is required. This will make your job easier for developing a catered program to address the departments lacking.
Time and conference room rental
If you do not have the capacity to host the program at your own office then you will need to go for business centre options when it comes to venue of the program. Otherwise if it is a small group then you can go for the boardrooms at your company. When you are deciding on a time it is considered better to carry out a companywide poll to figure out times that most people would be able to attend. For a small group training program then it will be easier for you to figure out the time and venue at once.
Make sure that the program addresses the right group and also addresses the issues that you need to cover during the training program. If you plan on having a multiple day program then it is considered a good idea to do it over a weekend at a different location where people are more interest in going to.