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Truly Asia: How To Explore The Asian Continent

Being the biggest continent in the world, Asia offers the adventurous traveller a multitude of places to explore. From the deserts of the Middle East to the metropolis of Japan, Asia can offer something for each traveller. Asia itself subdivides into several different regions such as the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, and the Far East or East Asia. While each of these regions has wonderful countries to explore, you could start by hitting one in each in order to experience the variety of different cultures in them:
The Distant EastWhile the Far East is more known for being able to buy discount electronics online in HK (Hong Kong), it is also the last explored and mapped frontier of the world, meaning that there are still plenty about these countries that people don’t know.
Countries like China and Japan are slowly opening up to tourists but you will still find that knowing the local language gets you further than any of the international tongues, check this camera online shop. It’s also a great region to buy electronics because all the big companies produce here and gives them cheap, but don’t worry if you forget; you can always buy discount electronics online in HK. Don’t forget to sample the different noodles in each country.
The Mysterious Middle EastThe Middle East is a grouping of (primarily) Islamic countries located on the great Arabian Desert, which means they have oil and they are rich. Islamic culture is very old and is built on the Islamic civilization that spread with the Ottoman Empire and they have wonderful architecture and beautiful calligraphy wherever you go (graven images are not permitted). While Saudi Arabia is not too friendly to non- Muslim tourists, more modernized countries like Dubai are tourist hotspots with top-notch hotels and a unique blend of old- world traditions and modern facilities. The souqs have everything from local street food to haute couture fashion houses.
Spicy South AsiaThe eight countries that make up South Asia are the spice capitals of the world; collectively, they not only produce almost all of the spices the world uses, but they also consume most of it. India is naturally the stand out country here but it is too big to cover in one visit, so instead try the island nations of Maldives or Sri Lanka. Both have great beaches and a tourist economy, meaning they are extremely tourist- friendly. The food is naturally out of this world, and you’ll find that expenses are cheaper here than in any other region of Asia.